2009 Winter Indoor Pickup ... Courtesy of MPRD!

We are excited to announce that the Manitowoc Parks & Recreation Department is hosting indoor Ultimate Frisbee pick-up this winter!  The games will be held in the Citizen Park gym, also known as the Rollaire Skate Center.  This is a huge space and should make for great indoor!

Here are the details:

The session will be January 15—March 12 2009

  • Where: Citizen Park Gym
  • When: Thursday nights
  • Time: Between 6-8 pm
  • Cost: $3.00 per night

These sessions are open to everyone in high school and adult age (both genders).  Those under 18 years of age will need a parent or guardian to sign the roster/waiver form at least once.

We'll be playing 5-on-5 with substitutes.  Run hard, cut hard, and make use of those subs!

Thursday, February 12 is pre-cancelled due to prior reservations in the gym space.