Tournament Follow-Up!

The 2008 Manitowoc Ultimate Hat Tournament has come and gone.  A special thanks to all the players who came to town and play some very competitive ultimate for five grueling games.  As a fellow competitor on Saturday, I salute you all.

We hope to have our own pictures online soon.  For now you can see the tournament photo gallery from the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter, along with their corresponding sports coverage.  Manitowoc native Grant Pauly graced the front of their Sunday sports section, breaking Scott Sawinski (sorry Scott!).

A valiant group known officially as Team 4, and unofficially as ... well let's just ignore that part, were crowned the 2008 tournament champions.  They received the traditional "I'm #1" trucker hats and gold-esque medals.  Team 2 was the first runner-up and received 2nd place silver-esque medals for their efforts.  Everyone wins our admiration and appreciation, and we hope everyone likes their swanky discs and green t-shirts.

I'll post again when we have our photos online.

Thanks again everyone!