2008 Manitowoc Ultimate Hat Tournament is TOMORROW!

That's right!  Man Hat '08 is happening tomorrow.  We still plan to accept registrations at check-in, but we can no longer guarantee a shirt in your size.  If you're in the Manitowoc area and are curious about this game, or have kids that might want to play at the school clubs that are starting up, feel free to drop by and talk to us and check things out.

 We'd like to give a big "THANK YOU" to our 2008 tournament sponsors, without whom this wouldn't be possible:

 Also thanks to the folks at the Manitowoc Parks & Recreation Department for partnering with the MUFC to host this event and supporting the growth of Ultimate.

NOTE: The newly re-formed Manitowoc Lincoln High School ultimate club will be selling white-on-red "MANITOWOC ULTIMATE" t-shirts at the tournament.  These t-shirts were donated by the MUFC for LHS club fund-raising.